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Jane O'Neil Fleming August 17, 2010 06:27:33 (EDT)

I see so many new posts on this site - it's wonderful! There is also a Minne Wonka Lodge page on facebook. Many of you are looking for people who are on there. These links have created wonderful connections between all former MWL girls (and campmasters). There have been 2 reunions since the camp closed in 1983. It would be great to have another with even more of us!

kirsten anderson July 27, 2010 21:20:18 (EDT)

Memories,went to camp there during the late 70's what a great time!

Betty Ricks July 25, 2010 23:42:28 (EDT)

I was the waterfront director at MWL for 3 summers during the early 50's when Mr. and Mrs. Lyons owned the camp. Those summers were the most memorable times of my life. I would love to hear from any of the girls that were there then.

Cindy Armstrong July 23, 2010 09:36:11 (EDT)

Attended '68-'71. Still remember the songs, the canoeing, and friends. It was the safest place in my life then, and I would count the days until I could go for the whole 8 weeks each year. Mary from Birmingham, where are you?

Mary Curtiss July 17, 2010 22:05:16 (EDT)

Hello, I was a counselor during the summers of 1971 and 1972. I worked in the camp office and taught archery. I remember Benny and John and the Hannas. I remember the songs and ceremonies and the lakes. More importantly the friendships. Where are you Lisa Tucker? There was no place like Minne Wonka.

Jerry Riordan July 7, 2010 16:49:19 (EDT)

I was not a minne wonka lodge camper or councelor. However, I have a "shy" friend who was a minnie wonka lodge coucelor who is reluctant to deal with the "message board' himself because, I believe, that he is afraid to get the information that the camp may be closed. So, I can tell from his reaction that this place must hold a special place in the hearts of Minnie Wonka Lodge people through out the Nation. If someone could let me know the status of MWL I know I can break the new to him gently!! Many of you former MWLs probably understand what I am dealing with for the former late 50's early 60's former MWL Councilor!!!

Thank you,
Jerry R

Laura Kloos Justiss March 18, 2010 11:29:03 (EDT)

I was at Minnewonka in 1959-1960. One of my best memories was the music counselor for one of those years, Linda Sue ? (can't remember her last name) who was a student at Northwestern School of Music and a fantastic pianist. I can still remember her playing the Mendelssohn Variations Serieuses, which are quite challenging indeed! What a wonderful place that was.

Rebecca Howard March 9, 2010 08:36:10 (EDT)

I would love to hear from anyone who was at the camp in the the mid to late 50s when the Lyons family owned it.
I can still remember many of the camp songs, and I still have my red sweater with the awards on it. My little granddaughter loves to hear me explain each badge.
Minne Wonka was a magical place.

Ellen (Melon ) Roos March 3, 2010 19:51:40 (EDT)

I was a camper from '57 - 61. I still get a lump in my throat when I think of the final campfire - the line of girls walking down to the exquisite amphitheater - candles lit on the birch bark holders. It was the unspoken sense of the sacred that was so present amongst the pines, the birch, the music, the hearts of the girls that I remember so much. I do not think anything like that exists today. How blessed we were.

Cindy Peifer Pelizza December 28, 2009 17:51:29 (EDT)

Hello-- I, too, was in Windsong, but it was in 1964. I met Mariyn, from St. Louis, at the University of Arizona in 1969. Barbara McNair, from Evanston was a cabin mate, as well as, Mary Record, Margaret McKeowin, Kit Davis,and Martha Dee. There are many more, but I only went there for one summer. I was 13. Karen Burrell went there, too. I do know that she is a lawyer in Austin, Texas. I live in Plano, Texas, suburb of Dallas. 1964 was a great summer for me. It is amazing how small our world is, since I have run into one of my cabin mates in college. Time has passed and I do not know if there is anyone out there that has found this website, but I am glad that I did. If Mary Record reads this, I will be in Decatur, Illinois for my parents burial, when ever it occurs. You can tell your mother that Juanita Fraser is still alive, but memory issues have gotten to her. I hope someone responds. If not, I am so sorry to hear that this camp is no more. I was blessed to have been able to attend.

Bruce R. Maier October 31, 2009 19:50:48 (EDT)

I would love to hear from campers and counselors that shared the fantastic Minne Wonka Lodge ecosystem with me. I have a huge array of pictures from the canoe trips I led and also from camp life in general.

Bruce R. Maier October 31, 2009 19:21:55 (EDT)

I was a Campmaster during the Lyons era 62-64. Dusty was a dear friend for 49 years. We opened and closed camp...and literally split a ton of firewood together. Dusty cared for my summer house on 4-Mile Lake for 35 years but that pales as compared to his inate kindness.... and his love of the Northwoods and [reverent pause]..... the special affection he had for campers. He remembered ALL your names. I spoke to Dusty two days before he died. My heart is still heavy.

I will post on the other boards. I would like to hear from old friends. Camp remains as one if the great formative elements of my Life.

Bruce.... Columbia MO.

Kalinka Carnow October 28, 2009 16:26:56 (EDT)

Wow! This site is great! Hi everyone! MWL is still a hugh part of my heart. I think of the people, sights and sounds in some way every day. I live in Seattle and when it rains here with the ground all covered with pine needles it even smells like it! I love it... My sister Tina is well and living in San Diego. I hope life has been kind to everyone.

Ashley Thomas October 27, 2009 13:03:54 (EDT)

My name is Ashley and I grew up in what used to be the main lodge of Camp Minne Wonka. My parents have now owned the place for 23 years and have done a beautiful job restoring it. It is very cool that there is a website where fellow campers are able to conversate. I love to hear of the wonderful experiences that what is now my "home" has given to all.

Carol McNair October 25, 2009 09:34:23 (EDT)

The movie Paddle to Seattle may be of interest to Minne Wonka girls. Here's the trailer: http://www.dudesonmedia.com/PADDLE_TO_SEATTLE.html

Mary (Mutzie) Harms Weir September 28, 2009 13:19:31 (EDT)

Is there anyone out there old enough to have attended MWL in the late 40's and early 50's? During the Lyon's regime?

William Mericle July 23, 2009 00:22:47 (EDT)

Hello Minne Wonka-ites. First of all, thanks to all of you who wrote me your memories of my sister, Karen Mericle, who passed away several years ago (I posted on this site back in 2006 -- how time flies!). And sorry if I didn't reply to you personally. My bad. Anyway, I am actually here in Three Lakes right now with Karen's two daughters and my mom. I have printed out all of your heartfelt memories. We will read them with the girls tomorrow. My mom has also brought all of the letters she wrote home, so we will be enjoying those, too. Karen's 48th birthday would have been this past Tuesday, 7/21. Hopefully, we can figure out where some of the camp was and show the girls the place my sister loved so very much. I am also hoping to visit Camp Highlands, my old stomping grounds. Maybe we'll even sing an old camp song! Take care all of you. And thanks again for the memories. wcm

Holly Wachs O'Connell July 12, 2009 23:24:36 (EDT)

If anyone knows anything of Molly Jo (Midgie) Beasley, a counselor from 1959-1961 or so, I would really like the info! Also, does anyone know anything about Evelyn "Paddle" Patillo? She was a canoeing counselor then. Any responses would be appreciated!

Holly Wachs O'Connell July 12, 2009 08:40:31 (EDT)

I have just gotten in touch with long lost cabinmates from the early 60's because of this message board! How wonderful! Is Tom Libby by any chance the counselor who was at MWL at that time? All of us in Windsong were in love with him!!!!

Bill Lewis July 8, 2009 11:24:56 (EDT)

Tom Libby is visiting Rose and me for a few days. As expected some MWL talk, and happy memories of trips, campfires, friends.

I remember some of the newer names on this posr - Timmy and Debbie Dick. Amazing that so many people seek out MWL all these years later.

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