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Davi Richards November 12, 2011 19:13:09 (EDT)

I saw a message from Mutzie Harms Weir written on this site in 2009 - I was at Minnewonka with you in the early 50's. I tried to email you from this site, but it seems to use only Outlook. I'm at davirichards@hotmail.com. If you see this, let me hear from you.

Debby Baddeley Ehret October 9, 2011 11:04:32 (EDT)

Jane O'Neil Fleming told me to get on board and here I am.....right back where I have always been. I love the photo's and have so many more I could share. I continue to sing the songs to my kids all the time even now when they are grown up. I loved Minne Wonka Lodge and everything I learned there. What a gift and blessing it was to spend so much time there as a young girl. I was there in the middle to late 70's and remember everything. The canoes trips, the bug juice, the candlelight ceremonies and the swims before breakfast. Seems like yesterday. Miss these years.
Going to facebook now to be a friend. Keep in touch anyone who remembers me. I think of you guys all the time.

nancy brucato September 20, 2011 16:22:17 (EDT)

Hey Bruce I remember one time our team won a canoeing race...it must have been one of those game days....what were they called? Check your e mail

Bruce R. Maier September 3, 2011 20:14:24 (EDT)

To Nancy Brucato.....check you email...I remember you and at least 4 trips together well. Wave back... and yes, you really WERE a fine canoeist. *hug*

Bruce Maier August 20, 2011 14:45:46 (EDT)


Just read your email.

It brought back so many memories of wonderful times.


Martha Record McKinstry July 28, 2011 17:14:21 (EDT)

OMG had no idea this site existed until I got on my sister's (Mary Record Marshall) facebook page. I paged through all the messages and found some from the years when I was there. It was during the Lyon's time and I so loved my memories of the camp although I was quite homesick at first. I was the second of three Record girls from Decatur and I too remember riding the train from Springfield and the pullman cars. Ohhhhhhhh so many memories. Hi to Debbie Dick and Holly from Windsong.

Barbara McFarland July 24, 2011 21:08:57 (EDT)

Went to MWL with many family members, Schnerings. Sitting here drinking wine with my sister and found this site. This would have been the mid 1950 s. How the he'll have we gotten so old?

Kendra McConnell Hurd July 4, 2011 22:59:58 (EDT)

I miss that stage of my life.
I want it back-now! :)

Carol Koerner Redhead June 4, 2011 14:20:17 (EDT)

Camp Minne Wonka will stay in my heart forever. In 1957 or '58, my mother, Virginia Koerner, and my sister, Nancy, and I all travelled from California to spend the summer at this wonderful camp. My mother was the dietician, my sister was about 10, and I was 16. In the cafeteria at lunch, or out on the lake with all girls in canoes as the sun slowly slid down over the water, do you remember Hartzel leading the singing ("My paddle's keen and bright, flashing like silver, follow the wild bird's flight, dip, dip, and swing") as all the girls in harmony followed with the chorus? I remember the three day sailboat trip thru lakes, and a three day canoe camping trip through lakes, also. And the week-long horseback trip into the north woods, camping there. Remember the horses Pig (who threw me)and Judy (who could single-foot). For my own children, I tell them that if you work really hard and do your very best at something, you may be surprised at the rewards, as I was when I won so many unexpected awards qualifying for sailing canoeing, etc. I am so happy to have found this web site, and to read so many happy memories. Carol

Tracy Edwards Murtagh May 27, 2011 16:33:12 (EDT)

Don't know if any of you former Minne Wonka girls/guys read this board currently or not, but I would love to hear from any of you who remember me. I was both a camper 75-79 and a counsellor 1983, and would love to get back in touch with any who would care to write. I still have my (stolen) MWL songbook and try to teach/sing as many of the songs to my 11yr. old son as he can stand. We sing them on hikes to keep the bears away!

Leslie Pampush Reigel May 21, 2011 09:36:09 (EDT)

How did I miss that reunion? I am in Eagle River right now for a wedding and am going to attempt to find MWL. I was a counselor there from 74-77 working on the waterfront with Becky Hanna. I still occasionally break out in one of our campfire songs! MWL remains a great part of my life.

Carol Hunter May 15, 2011 21:12:16 (EDT)

Think I'm a bit late as the last posting was 12/23/08. It is 05/15/11. I have thought so much about MWL over my lifetime and yes, folks, I was a camper in 1958 and 1959!I remember the Sunday night campfires and they were monstrous; the wonderful singing. Anyone remember, "Peace, I ask of thee oh river?" And my third attempt to collect my canoe reward- Was it Hartzel watching me try to canoe in a straight line for a mile? I think so! I remember getting back to dock and seeing him shake his head no, and a second time no. I think the 3rd time he did smile. My best memory was a 3 day canoe trip through a chain of lakes that was breathtaking. Childhood memories- I was so fortunate. I also remember the misquitoes!

nancy brucato May 11, 2011 17:05:06 (EDT)

I attended Minne Wonka Lodge 1963-1968. They were great years. I sing some of the camp songs to my grand children. My maiden name was McDermut. I think I stayed in almost every cabin including Hill Top.

Inga Broerman March 9, 2011 15:45:12 (EDT)

Heidi, I believe it was 1980. Best of luck.


Kalinka February 20, 2011 23:00:53 (EDT)


I am almost sure her name was Elizabeth Fink. That was a tragic time. Hope this help.


Heidi Zimmermann February 2, 2011 14:24:59 (EDT)

Can anyone remember Elizabeth's last name and the year she died on the camping trip to Trout Lake. I know this is a touchy subject, but I have been told I need to remember this by my doctor. I still don't have a recollection of being told. It is a black hole in my life. Can someone please email me and let me know. eagleswingwi2003@yahoo.com

andy selig January 7, 2011 17:48:14 (EDT)

My father, Leon Selig, was at Camp Minne Wonka in 1920 and spoke highly of it during his lifetime. I wonder if there might me anybody around that would have been at the camp then? Unlikely...but worth the try. thanks, Andy Selig

Jan sargent December 9, 2010 19:53:44 (EDT)

WOW what memories. Don't see any pictures of when I was there. I'm trying to remember, my last year was the summer of 1973, I was a CIT then... I think I started going in 1968 or 1969... I will never forget the anticipation of seeing the names up on the announcement board for the trips. Does anyone remember the trips where we broke in to an old mansion built by this husband for his wife. She died before it was completed, there was a bowling alley in the house oh my gosh it was cool, but had lots of bat droppings.... I remember so many flitting memories... Minne Wonka hats off to thee to my camp friends loyal we'll ever be!!!

INDIAN DAVE November 11, 2010 19:47:29 (EDT)


paulina Chouza October 26, 2010 23:37:35 (EDT)

WOWWWWW !!!!!!!
What great memories!!!!
Miss you all!
When will we have another reunion, I want to see my old friends

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