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Marjorie Meredith
January 30, 2024 20:44:40 (EDT)
HI Everyone. - is anyone out there from the summers of 1954 and 1955 !!! Yes, I was a counselor there then. It was such a good place and wonderful experiences.
I am in my 90s now, and still remember the great place and great people. The owners were wonderful also.
If anyone is reading here, who was there in those years, let me know.The owners were Mr. and Mrs. Lyon from St. Louis.
Marjorie Meredith
Columbia, MO

Carla Holtz
November 14, 2023 21:46:30 (EDT)
Some of the happiest, most treasured moments of my life happened a MWL. May it never be a ďburied treasureĒ in my memory, but a vital PULSING line for all my days.

Rebecca Howard
April 18, 2023 22:13:22 (EDT)
Does anyone have a Minne Wonka Lodge song sheet - not the music, just the words to all the songs we sang?

Mary Sachse
January 29, 2023 20:19:20 (EDT)
Hello fellow Miine Wonka Lodge campers and counselors. I
So many wonderful memories and friendships. Would love to hear from anyone. Was a camper in the 60ís and counselor in swimming in 70ís .

Carla Holtz
October 15, 2022 04:50:03 (EDT)
I have never, EVER felt so welcome than I did at MinWonkaw. The friends I made there are in a sphere I havMe never since a aho9tstouched.wÖELM.w
EACh lobb'
Donít know why I canít post was Carla Holtz.
Iím judtblder nowE/
Please, PLease write back!
Carla Holtz

Pamela Gregory
July 12, 2022 18:40:55 (EDT)
My grandmother attended this camp in 1924-1925ish. Iíve come across her scrapbook and want to donate it to an appropriate place.
Any thoughts or suggestions?

Barbara Martin Smith
April 24, 2022 15:32:28 (EDT)
During the early 1960ís, I attended Minnetonka Lodge. The paddle I earned when I mastered several water sports hangs in my studio reminding me of many marvelous canoe trips. I swim my morning mile every day but have lost touch with other campers. I would love to share stories with anyone who remembers camp adventures shared then. Barbara

Linnea Ebann
March 30, 2022 10:28:05 (EDT)
Good morning! We are the ones who purchased minne wonka lodge and boathouse at its initial sale 37 years ago. We feel blessed every day to be in such a special place. I was not aware of Minne Wonka Lodge Breeze, wish someone had contacted us during your reunion times, we would have loved to have hosted you, maybe next time!

A boathouse tour is being scheduled on the three lakes chain this summer and I have been asked for history on the boathouse. Have not been able to find any information on itís history. Can anyone send along any knowledge or memories?

Hope to hear from you!!!

Marcia Brooks Browne
April 12, 2020 08:06:15 (EDT)
I went to camp 77 years ago. And I still my paddle. Can't remember what you had to do to earn it. Does anyone remember? MWL days were the best year of my life. I'm now 92 years young. I was curious about my old camp days and found this site by typing in Minne Wonka Lodge in a search on the Internet. How fun is this !!!!!

Steve (Webmaster)
March 19, 2020 22:54:44 (EDT)
The website is back after a hard drive failure.

Carla Holtz
January 31, 2020 18:17:20 (EDT)
I have such lovely memories... one of which is- because I have trouble falling asleep- I used to sing lulabyes to my cabin. I hope it was pleasant for you, as it did help me feel good and sleepy.of it was any bother/trouble to anyone- please forgive me,

Linda Doddridge clements
July 31, 2019 21:22:04 (EDT)
I loved being a counselor at minne wonka! We just drove thru Eagle River and went on to find where the camp was...a nice man let us walk thru his back yard down to the lake...now all private homes🙁
I was there 3 summers, Amy Hansen was a co counselor in my cabin. I remember Nancy Yeager, Beth Hanna, Benny and Bob Jr. 1969-1970-1971. Worked in arts and crafts, and my second year had a college friend, Candy Fritz come and be a counselor with me. Would love to hear from anyone that was there then....I remember a camper, Eddie - Brillo was her nickname. I still have a monogrammed sterling silver letter opener that was a gift from one of my campers❤️ Best summers ever!

Cindy Richardson
August 8, 2018 09:06:37 (EDT)
Iím afraid I just saw the comments about last yearís reunion. I was a recreation major at Kent State and did my internship as a counselor at Minne-Wonka the summer of 1977. I was a lifeguard, swim instructor, and assistant counselor in one of the youngest cabins. I remember one camper in particular called StrohsAnn. I believe her parents owned Strohs brewery. The Camp was so beautiful but the water was absolutely freezing when I first got there...lost my breathe when I first jumped in the lake. I remember lying out in the woods by the lake during one of my breaks, thinking how I never felt closer to God as I watched the trees gently swaying above me. Please add me to your email list if there is ever another reunion. Thanks.

Kay c Clyne (Lavelle)
February 5, 2018 15:18:44 (EDT)
I was a counselor at the camp in the summers of 68 and 69. What a wonderful place. Hannaís were a wonderful family
I was the sailing instructor. I recall the death of one of the campers as a drowning victim. Tough day for all of us.

Tracy EdwardsMurtagh
October 9, 2017 15:29:26 (EDT)
Though I no longer have my "little red sweater" I do still have a paper bag containing all of my awards. I had carefully cut them off and placed them in bag with some red felt to make a pillow. I was feeling so nostalgic after our last (wonderful)reunion I decided at least o pin them onto the felt to maybe make a matted, box-framed, "tapestry". The only problem is, I can't remember what they all are!
Help! I got most of them figured out and think I must be missing a couple of pieces to make my little activity "picture" make sense. Eg. I have a waterskier, two boats (I think that is what the second red 1/4 oval must be) but no skis. Obviously, since the skis I think were the entry level award, they must have been lost.
Does anybody remember what the #5 was ? ( 5 mile swim maybe?) I also have a diver and a capital letter D. Was diving one of those activities (like choir) where you got a felt recognition for participation? Was there one like that for the play too? I am trying to figure out if maybe the diver was actually a swimmer? I remember I was in the "M" group for swimming, but I don't think I ever got it -maybe I did. I recall I worked hard on it- swimming endless laps in all weather one year.

I also have a gold star and don't know if that was something from Archery, or what? Didn't we also award gold "dippers" for morning dip, and didn't we offer awards in campcraft, or was it only different levels of trip requirements?

I know it seems silly after all of these years, but I'd love to be able to bring my completed craft to our next reunion. This one brought back such wonderful memories, and I want to keep them, and you all, in the forefront!

Gail Armondino
June 22, 2017 21:48:05 (EDT)
Please send reunion info. I attended MWL in '76 and '77. I loved it there. Swamp-n-dry was my favorite test. My own kids are off to their first summer at camp in Maine. I hope they have the same fun we did.

Shannon Graham
June 13, 2017 21:02:48 (EDT)
I am so excited to see that there is a reunion planned for September! I do not know where it will be held, but I'm hoping to figure out how to get there! I went to MWL in the late 70's until the final year.

Susan Combs
June 11, 2017 17:09:00 (EDT)
It was a great place. I attended for eight summers, starting at age seven in 1952...so sorry it doesn't exist. My posture is entirely due to MWL and getting a pine tree!

Janie Semple Umsted
May 15, 2017 00:41:59 (EDT)
I was so excited to hear from Joyce Anderson Buckner that there was going to be a reunion in September. I want to come with Joyce. I was there as the Arts and Crafts counselor as well as sailing counselor /instructor the summer of 1967.it was one of the most wonderful times of my life.

Sarah Atherton
April 18, 2017 21:04:03 (EDT)
My father worked at MWL during 1930 and 1931. Recently came across a photo album he made of those years. Some labelled, some not...what got me was a couple of photos marked "Nancy Wheeler in the famous ex-deerskin.Ē Surely long before the memories of anyone on this board, but I wonder if the legend of the ex-deerskin made its way down the years. Anyone know what the reference indicates? Too intriguing not to ask...

Mary Kirchoff
February 11, 2017 16:55:01 (EDT)
We are having a MWL reunion and would love to send the information to anyone on this board, just write me at kirchoffmary@gmail.com and I will put you on the email list we have so we can contact you for information on this one and any other happenings in MWL world.
We are planning the reunion for 9/14/17-9/17/17

Harv Horowitz
February 10, 2017 02:25:56 (EDT)
Hello..I don't know if this website is still active...if it is,could someone reply. I was a friend of Bob Hanna jr, and worked at Minne Wonka the first summer that the camp was purchased by his Mom and Dad. I have many fond memories of Dusty, Aunt Alice...remember counselors DeeDee Day, Martha Steinman, Kathy Guth, and others...

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